Lapis Health

Meet the Team

lapis founder

Peter - Founder

Over 7 years of experience as a product manager and behavioral designer for mobile applications and products

Carl S- CTO

BSc Comp Engineering Over 10 years of experience as Product Mgr & Engr Dev Mgr, ARM, Sr SW Engr, Allant (Acquired by ARM)

Chief medical officer reversing heart disease

Michelle Routhenstein- CMO

Preventative Cardiology Dietitian, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator who provides a personalized, whole person approach to optimal health.

"The lapis program is based on clinical evidence that shows it is possibe to reverse heart disease by optimizing 4 lifestyle areas - how much you move, how you eat, manage stress, love and support"
heart disease peer support during covid19

Lapis Health

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