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Lapis Health

We are reversing the effects and progression of heart disease by helping you build tiny healthy habits.

Here's how it works.

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Our Story

My name is Peter. I am a behavioural designer and the founder of Lapis. Lapis was created out of a personal need. My parents are heart disease survivors and about 1.5 years ago my brother passed away from heart disease. 


His death and the impact of heart disease on my family was what inspired me to start Lapis. My hope is that Lapis can play a role in your heart health journey and help you live a longer and healthier life.

Why Lapis?

Create good habits quickly and easily

We break down each lifestyle goal into tiny habits. Each habit is designed to fit your routine and enviroment.

Learn to anticipate and manage stress

Learn stress managment techniques on how to better handle daily stressors in your life.

Reduce chance of heart disease event

Prevent and reduce chances of a future heart incident by building and maintining better healthy habits.

Outcome Based Pricing

Only pay if we improve your health conditions. If we dont deliver results and make you healthier, we don't get paid.

Habits on the go

Recieve 5 mins habits therapies to help you deal with with stressful situations throughout your day.

Holistic and supported by science

The Lapis program is based on clinical research that shows that optimizing these four lifestyle areas (nutrition,exercise,stress management, love and support) can lead to the reversal of the effects of heart disease.

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"Live the healthy lifestyle you want by doing one daily tiny healthy habit at a time. Habits are personlized to your routine and enviroment. Suprisingly simple but the imapct is huge".
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One tiny healthy habit at a time
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"For those times when life doesn't according to plan, get access to 5 mins therapies to handle daily life situations".
heart disease patient group
Habits on the go
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"Get acccess to hundreds of personlized content and tips from licensed health coaches to help you in your journey towards healthy living "
heart disease patient group
UX Designer

Lapis Health

We're launching soon.

We are working on building something special and we want you to be a part of it. Give us your name and email below to be part of the waitlist and we will let you know once Lapis is ready!

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